“Wouldn’t it be great to be able to rent a car near me?”. That’s the key question that Hiyacar answers: we provide an easy to use app that brings you hundreds of cars owned by people just like you, within your same neighbourhood. You can search for cars in your area, book the one that suits you best and get on the move.

Not surprisingly, cars are parked 96% of the time (RAC Foundation, 2012). If I could find rentals car near me, which allowed me to drive my neighbours’ cars when they don’t use them, I could simply access a vehicle as and when I need one. At the same time, car owners would make extra cash by lending their cars to other local members. This is precisely what Hiyacar’s peer to peer platform does, contributing to create a stronger and wealthier local community.

Besides the matching between cars and local members that would like to hire those cars, Hiyacar provides comprehensive insurance to the parties. That is, our insurance policy supersedes the owner’s during the rental, making car-sharing possible and protecting both car owners and drivers. Our insurance allows you to book a car for days if you’re making a long trip, but also for as short as one hour.

Unlock in minutes

Download our iOS or Android app, go through the verification process and unlock access to hundreds of cars near you. Our car-sharing app is convenient and very easy to use.

Can I rent a car near me?

You will have access to multiple cars in your local area, listed by people just like you. You can rent a car for a day, or even on an hourly basis. Hiyacar is flexible and on demand.

The magic of QuickStart

You can book a car and then unlock it with no keys, simply using our app. This makes the car pick-up and drop-off hassle-free. Renting a car near you has never been simpler.

Say hiya to our keyless car sharing app

Unlock cars near you instantly with our keyless iPhone and Android app. Download our car sharing app now, pick the car you want, then unlock and drive. Our QuickStart® box does the rest.

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