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I'd like to look easy-going in the photo, but it looks more like a convict-shot! Scroll-down a bit for ways I want to be easy-going if anything goes wrong.

I will leave a key somewhere and tell you where, if you book, so you can pick it up if you don't want me to hand-over the car or I am not in.

I am self employed and work from home at 2 Avenue Gardens, so I am usually in.


This is a cul-de-sac of the South Circular and one or two bus routes, just at the east end of the East Sheen shops. One landmark is Adrian Hall Garden Centre to the north and another is Thrifty Car Rental to the south, which is on the corner of my road about fifty yards from me. There is also a cheaper Thrifty Car Rental franchise at a flower shop 100 yards away, so if everything else goes wrong during their opening hours you will be able to hire a car anyway.

0.9 km 15 minutes' walk to Mortlake station towards Richmond or Barnes Common ( a junction that gets more trains 1.9km away) then Putney Clapham Vuaxhall & Waterloo.

A map with local bus stops in on and if you reduce the scale a bit you can see the end of the 209 bus route from Hammersmith to Avondale Road.

The 33 bus route to Hammersmith runs 24 hours a day and there are night buses like the 72 to Putney Bridge and beyond. Do you want to see a night bus map? Why not?


There's a small Garmin satnav included.
Peugeot 108s are the same as Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo.
Parking sensors make a wibbling noise with increasing urgency as you get reverse close to things
The car sometimes turns-off when not in neutral. To turn it on, press the left pedal hard and push the gear lever fairly hard towards neutral. Then the ignition might work.

Fuel levels are shown in grey LED blobs under the speedometer.

Nearest petrol is at Esso by the level crossing on White Hart Lane, near Mortlake rail and an early morning cafe - cafe Euro open from six am probably every day of the week.

Cheaper petrol is at Sainsburys, or nearly as cheap at Chiswick Roundabout on the junction with the M4, South/North Circular, and via that to the M1. I haven't printed a map but you are probably ahead of me on all this. The fuel hatch is on the left.


Petrol one blob lower on return than pickup:
£5 + amount on receipt at nearest Esso or Sainsburys. The car is only used for hire, and not very often, so this should be simple and might even pay me £5 to go to Sainsburys, so I hope this happens.

£5 if worth mentioning; I expect to hoover the car occasionally for free and hope drivers accept a slightly mucky car. If you think it's fair to say to me that the car needs hoovering because of your debris, please slip me a fiver.

Inside car wash / valeting:
£5 plus the price on a receipt. There is a hand car wash on the junction of Lower Richmond Road and Mortlake Road, and another in the Halfords car park (next to Sainsbury's where there is cheap petrol.). I don't know if mobile valeting is cheaper.

Scratch repair, dent repair, replacement of bumpers bonnets lights wings...
£20+ cost if the change is noticeable and likely to cause a change in the car's value. Cost of someone in a van to come round and fix a dent, or maybe of a garage to fix if needed. I know the hub caps are marked and scratch and would not charge for them unless lost or broken. I read that the front and back bumpers are about £140 on ebay bought new and have not checked how easy it is to change them or find good second hand ones.
I have a set of notes on of local garages but am no expert.

Keys lost:
£5 + cost. There is a rediculously expensive key with central locking, and a cheaper spare key. I don't know the cheapest way to get Renault keys replaced and maybe Easy Car Club chat help could suggest something. If worried, you are welcome to use the cheap spare key without central locking.

Parking tickets:
£5 plus cost if hassle-free, rising to whatever this web site charges for hassle.

Late return: I hope this happens.
Standard rate unless this lets-down another hirer and I can prove this with a screen shot of the web site, which is unlikely. If you have access to the internet you can re-assure yourself that the car is not booked and that late return is OK at standard rate. Otherwise please let me know so that I can cancel the next job. I don't have much experience of what "standard rate" is - maybe this web site could suggest something without charging for the information.

Condition Report Charge:
I think some of the dent repair services will quote from emailed photos

Cancel 24-72 hours before the booked slot:
Free unless the pattern of bookings suggests that I would be likely to have got another booking. I don't know how to get this arbitrated but it should be obvious.

Cancel 0-24 hours before the booked slot or not showing-up
10% of the price unless I can show that I was likely to have got other bookings.

J Robertson 2 Avenue Gds London SW14 8BP 0208 286 9947

108 Active S-A
Vehicle Type:
City / Hatchback
Engine size:
Body Type:
5 Door Hatchback
Insurance Group:
Mileage Limit:
300 per day

Included features

  • Air con / climate control
  • Bluetooth / Handsfree
  • Sat Nav
10 per Hour
30 per Day
per Week

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  • Minimum age: 23
  • Pickup between 06:00 and 22:00
  • Dropoff between 06:00 and 22:00
John R
Typically responds within  24 hours.
Member since  January 2018
" A simple car to drive. Just press the break, put it in neutral, and turn the key. Separate satnav available free. I don't know Hiyacar's standard charges for petrol re-filling, damage, hoovering, valeting, late return etc but want to be as easy-going as possible and base any charge on real cost or real loss of value plus a fiver for time."

Anne E 13.03.2018

"John was really friendly and the car was great - a perfect runaround for the day :)"



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