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Rent a Car in West London

West London is a vibrant area full of picturesque views, beautiful attractions and green spaces. With a blend between trendy hot-spots, stately homes and historic buildings. It's a rare and exciting subsection of the city.

Hiring a car in West London couldn’t be easier with hiyacar – we have thousands of cars with a wide range of variety, locations and verified by member reviews, all with no deposit and no hidden fees. Better still, you can search, book and drive all on the same day. Simply search for cars around you, using the filters above to find the perfect car.

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Top Locations in West London

For a more precise London car hire location, either search in the box above or view the areas below:

Car hire in West London sorted - where to now?

When you rent a car in West London, you get the chance to experience one of the most picturesque and charming areas of London. Though renowned for its sophisticated suburbs of stately homes and classy shopping districts, West London is also one of the most diverse and exciting places to explore.

With music venues, boutique shops, theatres, bars and restaurants all waiting to be discovered, car hire in West London presents the perfect opportunity to hit the road and experience everything the area has to offer - from its famous attractions, to its hidden delights.

West London is considered the most connected area of the city. Home to Heathrow, ranked amongst the most well-connected airports in the world, and with a whole host of public transport options alongside a brilliantly convenient network of roads, getting around West London and beyond shouldn’t be difficult.

West London’s boundary is generally understood to stretch from Westminster and the West End, all the way to the border of greater London. Car hire in West London and drive seamlessly between the bustling districts of central London to the quieter suburban paradises on the outer edges of the city, all interspersed with picturesque green spaces. With so much to see, it’s fortunate that West London has easy access to a number of major road networks that make exploring even easier.

The North Circular, running between Chiswick in the West to Woolwich in the East, is situated in just the right position to allow easy and convenient trips around the West London area, and perhaps even further around the country. Via the North Circular, drivers have an easy route on to the A40, a major A-road that stretches North-West towards Uxbridge and merges with the M40 which runs north towards the Midlands. The North Circular also provides a direct link onto the M4 which runs all the way across the western expanse of the country, making a trip to Wales an easy affair.

Car hire in West London sorted : Places to discover

Car hire in West London allows you to experience all the beautiful sights the area has to offer. Whether driving out to the most remote corner or staying close to the centre, West London has a whole host of amazing attractions. From iconic stadium tours to architectural landmarks, hiring one of our West London cars lets you see them all.

Historic Beauties

West London is full of historic buildings with distinct and exquisite architecture. If you hire a car in the North West London region, be sure to take a visit to Harrow on the Hill, home to some amazing architecture - the architectural jewel in the crown being Harrow School. Visit Harrow School and see the revered institute that’s produced seven Prime Ministers. With a majority of its buildings dating back to Victorian times (and some from even further before), the school’s style has dictated that of the town. Harrow on the Hill is almost stuck in a time warp, with a healthy mix of old style brick buildings and Georgian houses lining its streets.

However, if you decide to go further South in the region, there’s just as many historic beauties to lay your eyes on. Hire a car in South West London and take a trip to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, home to Hampton Court Palace. The grandiose palace is over 500 years old and famously housed Henry VIII and all of his six wives. With tonnes of activities to do inside, including guided tours and ice skating in winter, Hampton Court Palace is sure to provide a fun-filled day out. That said, it's well worth visiting if even just to witness its magnificent design in person.


West London is the proud home to a number of green spaces. In fact, Bedford Park in Ealing is widely considered the first garden suburb. Car hire in West London allows you to go out and explore the best of these unique green spaces.

Take a trip to Richmond Park and spend the day counting deer, playing golf or just relaxing in nature. Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in London and offers tonnes of activities for visitors - wander around The Isabella Plantation and see its famous evergreen azaleas, visit the Pembroke Lodge for some refreshments, or maybe take a family bike ride around the park. The best part is, with several convenient car parks, Richmond Park is the perfect place to visit by car in order to experience the beautiful scenery.

Of course, you can also always pay a visit to the famous Kew Gardens. A UNESCO world heritage site, Kew Gardens houses over 50,000 living plants alongside various special exhibitions, tours and talks. Situated just off the North Circular, driving to Kew is easy as well - just make sure you also take a drive over Kew Bridge to get a great view of the river!

Guided Tours

Car hire in West London means you get the opportunity to tour around some of the country’s best-loved attractions. Wembley Stadium is the UK’s largest sports and music venue. Take a tour around the stadium and follow in the footsteps of music and sporting legends. Each tour takes you on a trip through Wembley’s iconic history and allows visitors a glimpse into lesser-seen areas, including the England football team’s changing rooms, the player tunnel and even the Royal Box. And, with the ability to pre-book official stadium parking, you can be sure to make the car journey as simple as possible.

The best part of car hire in West London, however, is the ability it gives you to explore further afield. If you fancy a trip outside of London, why not take your hired car for a trip to the Harry Potter Studios in Watford. See behind-the-scenes of one of the most popular movie franchises in the world allowing visitors to see real life props, costumes, sets and never-before-seen interviews with the crew. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, getting an insight into the magic behind the movies is a rare treat!

Vibrant Culture

West London may be regarded as a bit of a playground for the rich and famous, but its culture extends way beyond that. Quiet parks and green spaces interspersed with bustling city scenes make the area a rare and wonderful one to investigate. In the more central parts of West London you get the chance to peruse a variety of shops, galleries and more. Visit the vintage shops on Portobello Road, the old school vinyl shops in Notting Hill Gate or perhaps one of the 60 or so antique stores in Kensington. Once you’ve had your fill, head to the open air theatre in Holland Park to catch a show, or maybe take a trip to the famed Saatchi Gallery. If none of this appeals then, with the sheer number of restaurants, cafes and bars in the area, you can even just settle in and watch the world go by. Whatever it is you want to do, car hire in West London can help you do it.

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